Consulting on information systems

Modern management is based on access to information, the ability to analyze it and select the one that actually influences the accuracy of business decisions, which in turn translates into a successful business. Optimally selected information system has an impact on increasing the company's performance in all areas of its operations.

The appropriate choice of the information system is the basis of any implementation process. We suggest you the following:

  • inventory of used systems and existing interfaces
  • analysis of the current problems
  • assessment of work organization of IT departments
  • verification of proposed investments in IT area, necessary for the proper functioning of the company
  • assessment of risks associated with the maintenance of IT systems

Audit IT Security

The progress in the field of information technology contributed to the fact that information is increasingly stored electronically, within information systems. In order to ensure information security, it is necessary to implement security measures for systems.

The most common hazards are, amongst others:

  • criminal activities
  • errors mades by employees who operate the computer system
  • force majeure (eg. a natural disaster, amendments to the legislation)
  • hardware or software failures

The effectiveness of the implemented security methods depends on the people, and therefore, the security policy in the company must be ensured by a team that is responsible for developing a security plan for information systems.

Database stored on the servers underpin the functioning of businesses and other institutions of various types, and their loss can cause irreversible effects. Therefore, we offer our customers an analysis of security measures put in place in used computer systems.