We offer translations, simple and certified, of all kinds of texts and documents, depending on your individual needs, as well as interpreting services. We provide, among others, the following services:

  • Estimated valuation of a simple or certified translation. One page of a simple translation counts 1600 keyboard characters, and one page of a certified translation counts 1125 keyboard characters
  • Simple and certified translations of all type of documents
  • Editorial changes
  • Quality control

Our translations are carried out and checked by professionally qualified translators specialised in various fields (law, finances, administration, accounting, marketing, etc.), which ensures the highest quality of provided services.

In addition, we provide:

  • Information security
    All information submitted for translation as part of services provided by Exco is subject to appropriate confidentiality and data security procedures. We guarantee secure transmission, delivery and storage of translated documents and correspondence, including wise file management.
  • Resource management
    Translators at Exco use CAT [computer-assisted translation] tools, which support the translation process, and terminology management programmes, which positively affects the speed of the service, as well as the uniformity and consistency of used terminology. This helps to save time while working on large-scale and long-term projects. We also have a list of permanent subcontractors – translators who are properly trained and have the appropriate professional experience, as well as have successfully passed the recruitment process while submitting credentials, portfolios and providing some translation samples. Furthermore, we systematically collect data, complement and update the terminology, as well as create glossaries and lexicons based on the new laws, regulations, directives and international agreements.
  • Language localisation
    Translation department is dynamic and highly interested in new communication channels for the exchange of industry information. Our focus is not only on the integrity, diligence and accuracy of translations and subcontractors’ professionalism, but also on adapting the services to individual needs of the client, the specificity of their field, geographical and cultural area in which they operate. Thus, we are able to adapt the content and quality of the product to the needs of the specific market. We teach, we inform and we look for new solutions, including those based on new technologies – softwares and databases.

Modern approach, flexibility and efficiency of the team guarantee success and are the reason why so many customers have trusted us.

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Izabela Cedro
Translation Department Manager


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