It is good to reflect in advance on the possible risks that can arise when a person who built a successful company, unexpectedly can no longer be able to manage its current activities or decide to transfer the results of their work into the hands of successors.

This service is focused on helping entrepreneurs and companies in the field of conscious planning to transfer their business to legal successors. In addition, it protects entrepreneurs and the companies they run against random events, including accidents and death.

Our activities include the analysis of legal, financial and tax-related situation of entrepreneurs and companies as well as the preparation and implementation of a succession plan that will protect the company’s assets and the interests of each party. At the stage of implementation, we intend to:

  • secure the financial position of the company’s owner while transferring the ownership to the successor and the un-related persons or groups
  • support the buyer through an adequate preparation and training
  • ensure stable continuation of the company’s business by, among others, choosing the appropriate form of business after the succession, specifying corporate governance, supporting in legal and tax-wise issues, as well as in financing activities

Laurent Le Pajolec
Board Member, Shareholder


Through the audit service, we help our customers manage their governance processes.

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Accountancy outsourcing

In our work, we use innovatory procedures and benefit from high-level technological solutions.

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Human resources and payroll

We draw up the required sets of documents to be submitted to the Social Insurance Institution.

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We define the areas in which the use of best practices shall bring the highest profits.

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