Reports for Management Board

The service enables monitoring and analyzing the activites of the company and the implementation of the strategy.

To succeed in business, it is necessary to continuously analyse the results achieved and the costs incurred. Therefore, each management board should use the tools for financial analysis, tailored to the specificity of the business and to the individual management style. We offer our customers the provision of reports tailored to individual needs or the needs of the group in different billing cycles.

Preparation of business plans

Business plans are an integral part of any business. In order to avoid substantive and formal errors, we provide business plan preparation services, together with a comprehensive analysis of the viability of the project.

We adjust business plans to the company’s needs, taking into account any financial or legal constraints, and we seek to create business plans which reflect the actual conditions of the company.

Optimization of foreign exchange transactions

On the basis of cooperation with a currency exchange web platform and compared to banks or exchange offices, we are able to offer customers much more attractive rates, excluding the so-called “spread”. We offer a preliminary benefit analysis based on the last 3 foreign exchange transactions, followed by visualizing the profits and performing test transactions. We have several years of experience in the industry, and an experienced team of specialists in this field.

Tomasz Fordymacki
Director of Reporting Department / Foreign Exchange Specialist


Through the audit service, we help our customers manage their governance processes.

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Accountancy outsourcing

In our work, we use innovatory procedures and benefit from high-level technological solutions.

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Human resources and payroll

We draw up the required sets of documents to be submitted to the Social Insurance Institution.

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We define the areas in which the use of best practices shall bring the highest profits.

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