Personnel, payroll & human resources outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing

Outsourcing payroll guarantees the confidentiality of workers’ and the company’s data, compliance with labour law and a controlled access to employees’ data. With our extensive experience gained in this field, we are able to provide the customer with payroll service and counseling, regardless of the business sector, size of the company or number of employees within the company. We strive to provide our customers with the efficiency of processes at each of the phases of the settlement. Our personnel service includes among others:

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Personnel outsourcing

Personnel-related services involve many routine, yet labor-intensive activities. The constant amendments to the legislation and regulations of the labour law require to keep abreast of industry information. It is necessary to possess a professional expertise in this area, as well as experience and time. We know that the personnel administration is an important, but not the most important aspect of business for our customers. Should our customers decide to work with us, they can devote more attention to their activities aimed at developping the company, and entrust us with all issues related to personnel management. As part of these services, we offer, among others:

Calculation of remuneration for managers

Confidentiality relating to remuneration for managers is an important factor of a safe payroll system of each company.

A management contract is a much more prestigious type of contract and applies to senior management. It is often identified with the contract of employment, but in reality they are much different from each other. A management contract is sometimes called a management agreement. The owner of the company signs it with the manager, who, in return for a fee, is committed to manage the company and to take on the key decisions. We offer our customers services relating to the preparation and settlement of such contracts.

Preparation and audit of work regulations

The work regulations document is one of the key internal documents within a company. Thus, it is appropriate to ensure its proper preparation. The requirement to create it applies to the companies which employ at least 20 employees. Its goal is the legal regulation of internal order in the given company and the determination, which meets its requirements, of employees’ responsibilities. All employees should read the content of the regulations, but the manner and form of informing employees is an internal question of each company concerned.

We offer our customers a service of preparing and auditing the existing work regulations. Before entering into force, the regulations must be signed by the director, and approved by the authorized body.

Replacement of payroll and HR employees

Replacement of payroll and HR employees is generally used for long-term absence. The purpose of this service is to help companies in emergency situations when, for example, an employee from payroll department or the accounting office, for various reasons, is unable to fulfill her or his duties. Our specialists can then carry out a detailed analysis of current issues and verify any irregularities. We shall provide comprehensive services relating to HR and payroll management, until the return of the persons responsible for these tasks. This kind of service shall help to reduce the costs of recruitment, implementation, and training of a new employee.

Recruitment of employees (recruitment and selection)

We assist our clients in the process of recruitment and selection of staff for the positions of junior, middle and senior management. Our clients are mainly foreign-invested companies operating in various sectors of the economy.

Based on years of experience of our consultants and their knowledge of the labour market in Poland, and the sources of recruitment, we can reach out to the best specialists in the field.

Corrections of Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) declarations

Our office is engaged in developing various kinds of declarations submitted to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). We prepare documents relating to, among others, reintroduction of the term of payment of social security contributions or correction of submitted documents:

We carry out the following corrections of Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) declarations:

We also prepare the documentation necessary to determine the initial capital.

Cross-border posting of workers

The service is addressed to foreign persons who receive their income on the territory of Poland and who operate on the territory of Poland and make benefits payments in favour of foreigners.

We provide professional assistance in the proper fulfillment of statutory obligations during the tax year and afterwards.

The scope of services includes:
  1. During the tax year:
    1. Determining the amount of monthly advance payments for income tax, including:
    2. Comprehensive advice on wages, taxes and social security on the territory of Poland;
    3. Support in determining the place of tax residence of the foreigner and in obtaining the certificate of tax residence;
    4. Analysis of the employment contract in order to determine the amount of revenue due to the secondee in Poland;
    5. Support in applying for the taxpayer identification number (NIP) and /or in upgrading the NIP for the seconded person and /or spouse;
    6. Calculation of the amount of the tax advance payment for the given month;
    7. Implementation of salary and tax transfers;
    8. Preparation of information for the accounting department relating to the total payroll.
  1. Calculation of social insurance contributions, including:
    1. Analysis of facts in terms of establishing the existence or absence of mandatory insurance;
    2. Reporting in and out and reporting of changes in the data of employees, contractors and social security payer (ZUS);
    3. Calculation of the amount of monthly social security contributions, filling and submitting the declaration for the given month;
    4. Implementation of social security contributions (ZUS) transfers.
    1. Preparation of annual tax returns, including:
      1. income from employment or income from personal activities obtained in Poland and abroad, including the tax reductions and exemptions;
      2. taxes on capital income;
      3. taxes on real estate transactions;
      4. joint tax returns (with a spouse or for single parents).

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