Outsourcing of accounting services

Outsourcing of accounting services

Keeping accounting of a company or of a one-person business is a task that should be entrusted to professionals in the industry. We offer our clients comprehensive accounting services, implemented in accordance with the Accounting Act. While cooperating with us, you can be assured that your finances and accounting will be conducted fairly and meticulously, by persons who have extensive knowledge of accounting and finance, with years of experience. We try to make sure that our outsourcing services are provided at the highest level and on the basis of demanding standards, which guarantee the appropriate quality.

Within the framework of the bookkeeping task entrusted to us, we suggest you develop a chart of capital accounts answering the needs of the company, as well as the introduction and monitoring of analytical accounting relating to operating activities.


Our working tools:

Our offer includes among others:

Replacement of finance and accounting personnel (accounting ambulance)

The accounting ambulance, in the case of replacement of accounting personnel, is generally used for long-term absence. The purpose of this service is to help companies in emergency situations when, for example, a chief accountant or accounting office, for various reasons, are unable to fulfill their duties.

Our specialists can then carry out a detailed analysis of client’s books, tax records and verify any irregularities. We shall take care of the bookkeeping, until the return of the persons responsible for this task. This kind of service shall help to reduce the costs of recruitment, implementation, and training of a new employee.

Issuing sales invoices

Upon the request of our clients, we issue sales invoices on the basis of received data, necessary to prepare those documents.

Accounting Supervision (accounting expertise)

While carrying out accounting supervision, we take over chief accountant’s activities, which makes it possible to optimize the cost of accounting services performed in the company of the client. We offer conceptual support for your team, monitoring deadlines and ongoing work.

In the case we charge ourselves with supervising the accounting personnel, we do, among others, the following:

Accounting in the customer’s offices

To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer them a bookkeeping service in their offices. In this regard, the main advantages are:

Introduction of payments to the banking system

We offer to introduce current payments into the banking system (among others: invoices, taxes, salaries, advances), while the authorization is on your side.