Legal assistance

Advice and qualitative support in handling business activities of economic entities

The scope of services includes:

dwoje ludzi rozmawia

Establishment of companies

We assist in the establishment and registration of commercial companies, including limited liability companies, registered general partnership or limited partnership companies, both by traditional method (articles of association concluded in the form of a notarial deed), as well as via Internet through S24 system (articles of association in the form of a template shared in the IT system). In addition, we assist the creation of civil-law partnerships and enterprises operated under the owner’s name.

The scope of services includes:

Liquidation of companies

We offer a comprehensive legal assistance in dissolution of companies, including the conduct and supervision of the process of liquidation by preparing appropriate documentation and notices, along with the ability to act as liquidator.

Consulting services in the field of labour law

We offer advice when it comes to entering employment relationships, including the preparation of employment contracts, non-competition agreements, training agreements and other documents related to establishing employment relationships. In addition, we cooperate with reputable law firms specializing in labour law, allowing us to provide a comprehensive advice on HR & payroll within our company as well as advice and process representation at the partner law firms’ level.