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Kreston Global is a network of 22,000 professionals working in 170 independent accounting offices in over 120 countries. It was established 50 years ago to help companies succeed internationally.

When you need professional support, you need a proactive business advisor who not only knows how to navigate the regulations, tax regimes, reporting and requirement to comply with the law, but also gives valuable advice on how to improve your business.

As new markets and technologies develop, companies have the opportunity to operate on an increasingly global scale. When you start a business in an unfamiliar place, knowledge of the local area can give you a big advantage over your competitors. All Kreston Global members know local regulations and business practices like the back of their hand. Combined with a solid reputation and an enviable contact base, there is no doubt that it gives your business a competitive advantage..

How does Kreston work?

Each member of Kreston Global is an independent company with sole responsibility for its work, employees and clients. We all share the same values, so our clients know that no matter where they find us, they will be provided with the same exceptional level of service.

Regardless of the challenge you face, a Kreston Global representative will be on hand to provide you with expert support.

Kreston Global values the relationships established within their network. Modern accounting means you need a 24-hour global service – we can relieve the burden of negotiating with different cultures, regulatory regimes and different business environments.

Niezależnie od tego, z jakim wyzwaniem przyjdzie Ci się zmierzyć, przedstawiciel Kreston Global będzie pod ręką, aby zapewnić Ci fachowe wsparcie.

Kreston Global ceni sobie relacje, jakie udało się nawiązać w ramach ich sieci. Nowoczesna księgowość oznacza, że potrzebujesz 24-godzinnej globalnej obsługi – możemy odciążyć Cię w negocjacjach z przedstawicielami różnych kultur, systemów regulacyjnych i różnych środowisk biznesowych.

Kreston Global is a member of the Forum of Firms. The Forum is an association of international networks of accounting companies. Its aim is to promote consistent and high quality financial reporting standards and audit practices around the world.

History of Kreston

Kreston International was established in 1971 by two entrepreneurs, Dr Gabriel Brotzel of German accounting company Bansbach and Michael Ross, who was then a partner at UK accounting company Finnie & Co. They established Kreston to allow independent, more entrepreneurial companies to access the global network and compete with larger companies which were beginning to integrate. The two founders wanted to offer an alternative to the growing dominance of these larger companies, as well as a natural solution for medium-sized companies taking their first international steps.

This year, 2021, we celebrate Kreston’s 50th anniversary and the company currently operates under the name Kreston Global, which recognises the expansion of the network. The network is still faithful to the values of their founders in terms of providing flexible, empathetic and personal support to medium-sized entrepreneurial companies and individuals in their international expansion.

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