Internal audit

Internal audit is an analysis of the various processes and individual actions taking place in a company. Depending on your needs, we offer assistance in both the design and implementation, from scratch, of internal control processes, as well as we review and assess the already existing processes. Our experts shall carry out an analysis and document processes, identify risks and internal controls which address the abovementioned risks, and will perform a test operation of these controls.

As a result of these works, you will receive a report containing our recommendations for the improvement of business processes and systems of internal control as well as risk management.

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Consolidation of financial statements

The consolidation of financial statements consists in combining the financial statements of two or more operators, operating separately on the market, but linked by capital, and in presenting them as if they operate as a single operator.

The preparation of consolidated financial statements requires special skills and knowledge. It is not necessary for each parent company to have an employee that draws up such a report. Moreover, finding the right professional is not easy. In order to meet these needs, we shall actively participate in the process of preparing the consolidated financial statements.

Once it is determined which companies must be included in the consolidated financial statements, we work up consolidation spreadsheets and calculate adjustments as well as consolidation eliminations, and then we prepare the consolidated financial statements.

Upon our Clients’ request, we also offer consulting services relating to the organization of process of preparation of the consolidated financial statements, including verification of the rules for drawing up consolidated financial statements and the completeness of the received consolidation documentation.

Organisational audit

This service allows you to optimize the activities of individual departments in your company. This is to, inter alia, completely reorganize departments and streamline the flow of information between them.

The aim of the organizational audit is to regularize and systematize internal procedures affecting the work management system within the company and to improve the quality of the analysed processes. The service of organizational audit allows to assess, amongst others:

The study is carried out on the basis of documentation and interviews with employees and management staff. After it is finished, we prepare a report, together with all the relevant guidelines, for the company.

Transactions & Restructuring

Restructuring is a process associated with an improved use of company resources. Changes occurring during restructuring are aimed at restoring internal or external balance in the company. It is a complex process of change in at least one of three dimensions of an organization such as: the scope of activity, capital structure or internal organization of the company. Restructuring does not necessarily apply to the entire company, but only to a certain area of operations.

Restructuring aims at preventing the liquidation of the company or giving us a new direction for development. In this context, we can talk about restructuring of repair and restructuring of development.

Restructuring of repair involves pulling the company out of a difficult economic situation and, as a service, it is addressed to entrepreneurs who, despite the large potential do poorly and are at risk of losing liquidity and even of bankruptcy.

Restructuring of development relates to healthy companies, but that growmore slowly than they could, taking into account their assets. The offered service is to accelerate the development of the company through the use of existing opportunities.

All restructuring of the companies is carried out in a comprehensive manner. Our services include an analysis of both the company and its environment, definition of the objectives of the company, creation of a restructuring plan and acquisition of resources necessary to achieve it. We help entrepreneurs discover the potential of their businesses and build a new, favorable position on the market.

Business valuation

The valuation aims at providing an accurate and reliable, as well as prepared by an independent entity, information about the object of valuation.

A dynamically changing economic situation continues to affect the value of individual assets, as well as whole companies. The business assets affect amongst others: intangible assets, market share, results forecast, percentage discount rate, current rate of prices of financial instruments. Therefore, in the valuation should be chosen those methods which are best placed to determine the true value of a valued entity.

The valuation carried out by our team is based on an active cooperation with representatives of the valued object, which leads to a better understanding of customers’ needs and expectations.

A proper selection of the valuation method is the most important element of the process of estimating the actual fair value and must be adapted to the purpose and subject of the valuation. We use only proven and widely recognized valuation methods based on international standards.

The entity which arranges the valuation is given a report containing the characteristics of the subject of valuation, the assumptions regarding valuation and the valuation carried out with previously selected methods along with the final value of its object.

Search for funding

Companies, regardless of their size, are sometimes faced with the spectre of financial problems, which means that their owners seek some additional funds for their projects. In the search for funding for a company, it is important to identify the financial needs specific to each stage of development of the given company. This analysis shall help you make a better choice amongst individuals or institutions that might fund your project at a particular stage of development.

We offer assistance in obtaining funding through, inter alia, preparation of business plans and negotiations with the banks.

We work with many financial institutions both in Poland and abroad, eg. banks, investment funds, leasing companies, private investors, etc.

Mergers & acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are measures used by companies in order to achieve certain strategic and financial goals. Their effect can be a combination of the two businesses into one organization in such a way as to achieve new goals, jointly enter the market (merger) or acquire such number of shares of one company by another, to take control of the whole, the result of which the purchased company is somehow incorporated into the structure of the acquirer (acquisition). The parties to merger and acquisition transactions may be companies that vary in terms of management, organizational culture and value systems, hence the success of such an operation depends on how effectively they are able to integrate with each other. We offer support in managing the processes of mergers and acquisitions.

Support in investment

One of the areas of our activity is to actively promote entrepreneurship and to support business development. We run a comprehensive service for companies at every stage of their operations, starting with people starting their own business, through intensely developing companies, up to companies at the stage of stagnation, looking for new ideas and solutions.

Our offer includes: