EXCO A2A Polska offers its employees a modern working environment with the potential of a dynamic development of their competencies. We try to be close to our employees and respond to their needs. We value open communication, attention to standards of cooperation and support coming from top management in the implementation of daily duties. We believe that the company’s success is primarily shaped by its employees. We invite all persons who are looking for new challenges, and who work with passion that makes them commit to their tasks, to join our team.

We invite all persons who are looking for new challenges, and who work with passion that makes them commit to their tasks, to join our team. The strength of EXCO A2A Polska is undoubtedly the ambience and excellent teamwork.

EXCO A2A Polska is not only a rapidly growing company, but also an attractive place to work.

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Professional development

Within EXCO A2A Polska, we pay special attention to face our employees with new challenges and responsibilities, while taking care not only of creating appropriate conditions for the employees for their career development, but also to guarantee a high quality customer service.

Trainings in EXCO A2A Polska are prepared on the basis of the actual needs of employees, so as to provide them with assistance in the development of selected competencies needed to perform everyday tasks.

Financial and other benefits

The company EXCO A2A Polska offers its employees a wide range of additional benefits: private healthcare for employees and their families, the MultiSport program, private life insurance, and movie tickets.

This way, we try to respond, as fully as possible, to the needs of our employees.

Friendly atmosphere

For EXCO A2A Polska, a friendly and open organisational culture is of great importance. As an employer, we want to create inspiring and healthy work environment.

All employees of EXCO A2A Polska meet on an annual basis at a few-days-long event which summarizes the entire year of the company’s operations on the Polish market and presents plans for the years going forward. This gathering is also a good opportunity to integrate and get to know the staff from all branches of the company in Poland. In addition, employees celebrate Christmas Eve together and meet on numerous other occasions.

Students and graduates

The company EXCO A2A Polska is open to hiring people who are at the start of their career. We are always glad to discover the potential of young people, actively supporting them in the development of their career paths.

EXCO A2A Polska gives students and university graduates a chance to gain valuable experience and translate theory into practice. We are open to meet young and ambitious people who do not have enough experience, but have the confidence it can be acquired and deepen in our company.