Audit – CorporateDueDiligence

Corporate Due Diligence

The concept of due diligence means the examination with due diligence and is used primarily in the fields of law. However, with the escalation of international capital flows, due diligence analysis is a term increasingly used also in the sphere of economics.

The due diligence service is essential before the implementation of the strategic capital transactions, a tool for identifying the risks associated with these transactions.

Conducting a due diligence analysis is regarded as a sign of investors’ prudence and usually precedes the valuation of the company, which is the subject of sale, as well as other investment decisions,

As part of the due diligence, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the financial condition of the company. Its aim is a detailed assessment of the current financial situation of the company and identifying existing and potential risks. This tool is used in particular in mergers, acquisitions and divisions of companies.


Other works carried out by an auditor

Effective financial management in a company requires access to a broad knowledge in this field. We offer our customers assistance in all activities affecting the company’s accounting and reporting.

We carry out various types of research and analysis on the accounting treatment and accounting systems, prepare opinions that confirm regularity of the applied solutions. We provide a different kind of consultation in the field of reporting and accounting. The aim of consulting services is to continuously support the customer in all activities related to the company’s accounting and reporting and to answer all questions in this regard.

Contract audit

Correct financial and accounting data is necessary to run a successful company. Based on this data, some internal development plans of the company are drawn up, as well as they are used to cooperate with external entities, ie. banks, offices or customers. We examine the accuracy of financial data, indicate the differences and present ways to fix those differences.

As part of this service, we verify the correctness and accuracy of bookkeeping through periodic reviews of books.