Advice on capital transactions

Acquisitions of companies / sale of companies

We offer a comprehensive support in implementing the merger of companies. Thus, we put in place a strategy and a detailed action plan. We develop the concept of transformation and organization process of companies, as well as take part in its implementation. We support our clients in managing changes. We provide support to internal and external communication integration. We also monitor the progress of current projects.

Our services in this area include, amongst others: developing merger strategy, implementation of the transformation and organization process.

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Limited partnership company

A limited partnership involving a limited liability company is an advantageous solution that allows no personal liability for the company’s obligations and individual income taxation.

A limited partnership company is a form of partnership. Partnerships are not legal entities but have legal capacity. They cannot have the status of single-member companies, there must be at least two shareholders. Therefore, a limited partnership may be formed by two types of partners: general partner – responsible for the company’s obligations with no limits, accountable for managing the company and representing it (in this case, it would be a limited liability company), as well as a limited partner – who does not work in the company, but contributes, takes responsibility for the company’s obligations only up to the amount contributed under the contract.

We shall assist you in choosing the appropriate form of legal activities, having regard to tax optimization.