• Always close to customers

A wide range of skills and expertise carried out by Exco extends throughout France, thanks to the presence of 23 regional offices in France and its overseas departments.

Having regard to the fact that we support customers wherever they develop, Exco provides continuity of service by its presence on the international front, which is possible thanks to 13 direct locations in, among others, Poland, Portugal, Morocco and West Africa. To mark its presence in other parts of the world, Exco is supported by its network, Kreston International, present in 108 countries.

  • Our quality charter

We are chartered accountants, which is why we offer to our customers something more than technical skills sensu stricto. We care about the safety and transparency of our expertise, which constitutes particularly the fundamental guarantee of respect for professional duties.

We make sure to adapt to the provisions of the code of ethics of the profession.

  • Science

Our teams are focused on the methodology of accounting and accounting technology, while respecting the laws and regulations relating to the profession, in particular those which result from the abovementioned code, as well as the rules of the profession as defined by the Higher Council of Chartered Accountants.

  • Independence

Each member of the network wants to avoid a situation which could lead to the loss of independence.

They must be deprived of any external connection being of a personal, professional or financial nature, that could be interpreted as standing in the way of their integrity or objectivity.

  • Conscience

All our teams do their job using all of their competence, professional awareness and freedom of thought.

Under no circumstances do they allow actions which might be contrary to honesty, honor and dignity.

To learn more about the code of ethics of our profession, please go to the website: www.exco.fr and click the box: Our network / Quality charter