Company structure

The EXCO Group is the sixth largest group with a current annual turnover of EUR 167 million and cooperating with more than 70 000 customers worldwide.

Exco is a multidisciplinary network operating in the field of Accounting Expertise and Audit, made up of 23 independent regional structures, employing in total more than 2,5 K collaborators, of which 225 associates perform their duties in 140 Exco offices.

Our motto reflects our common state of mind: “With passion for business”.

Over the years, Exco has built its own reputation by providing specific advisory services to its customers through the right approach and understanding of the principles of entrepreneurship.

Our customers are closely involved in taking action to ensure success in achieving their goals. All the efforts of our customers, bringing economic and social development, must allow them to protect and increase their wealth, but also to reconsider calmly their future, as well as the one of their loved ones.

Since its creation, Exco has teams led by the same state of mind, based on the entrepreneurial requirements and results. Thanks to our skills and values, we managed to create an advantageous environment that allows us to advise clients on issues related to their professional activities, sharing their enthusiasm, helping them to meet their challenges.

Our logo, which is an overlap of the letters of the name "Exco", illustrates the strong relationship between members of the network and reflects our commitment to long-term support of our customers.

Our team

Raphaël Vieuxmaire

Board Member

Laurent Le Pajolec

Board Member

Sabina Szulc

Office Manager in Poznań

Bożena Tyszka-Stepokura

Office Manager in Gdańsk

Sybilia Pawlikowska-Zawiślak

Office Director in Cracow/Tax and Transfer Pricing Specialist

Daria Czarnecka

Director of Administration

Agnieszka Pastuszek

Human Resources & Payroll Manager

Agnieszka Janeczek

Consulting Department Manager

Piotr Grzeszczyk

Audit Department Manager in Poznań

Tomasz Fordymacki

Director of Financial Analysis Department/Foreign Exchange Specialist

Magdalena Vacher-Kielak


Krystian Korpuliński

Chief Accountant/Accounting Processes Coordinator

Magdalena Kruszczak

Operations Manager

Aleksandra Bartosiewicz

Operations Specialist

Dagmara Jaśkowska

Senior HR Specialist

Izabela Cedro

Certified translator and interpreter FR-PL

Karolina Maj

Senior Marketing and PR Specialist

Beata Trzaska

Operations Manager






Our know-how in supporting customers abroad is formed by strong international policy.

We are always close to our customers, wherever our services are implemented.

Within this context, it is worth mentioning that Exco is member of Kreston International. Its offices, located throughout the world, are just like ours. We maintain relations with all the members of this structure.

The experience resulting from our mutual exchange of information shows that the professionalism of Kreston International is made on the basis of the same values as those practiced by Exco.

Exco has an active role in the professional strategy of Kreston International through a strong presence, particularly at management level. The strength of the given network equals the effort put into it, and we bring to Kreston International requirements and expectations of our customers.